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This sheet music was printed from, and
using Cubase SX Score music software.
So if it don't look perfect to a seasoned
pianist, that's why. I think it can still
be used as a learning means. I checked
it out myself and if one wants to learn
my music, then one can use these scores.

In the future, I will try and clean up these
scores using the Cubase software code.

It is easier to learn using this type of
score, if you use the audio version
to refer to. I have posted here,
page one only of Study 7 Opus 4
in E minor, as an example of sight
readable sheet music.

!Enjoy Playing My Music!

Copyright Protected

I will post all of my piano sheet music here.
You can download them and print/copy
them for free, as long as you adhere to the
copyright rules laid down by Creative Commons.


Copyright Protected
Creative Commons License
All music (sheet music) by
Angel De Fuego is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution
3.0 United States License.

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